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  • Ford 5000,2WD Diesel Tractor
    Ford 5000,2WD Diesel Tractor
    Attachment:Clean Overall Condition,Clean Interior Condition Medium Tractor,Colour Blue, Clean Body Condition 70% Tyre Condition.
  • Ford 5030 A,4WD Tractor
    Ford 5030 A,4WD Tractor
    Ford 5030 A Tractor 4WD 4332 Hrs Showing 85 Hp Year:2002 Engine Ford 4.2L 4-cyl diesel Diesel Engine Turbo Powershift Transmission 16 Forward 8 Revers Front PTO Front Hydraulic 2 Hydraulic Remotes 40Kph 3 Pt Hitch, 540/750 PTO Cabin Weight 3795kg Tyres front 320 / 70R24 . Condition 70% Tyres…
  • Ford 5610,2WD Diesel Tractor
    Ford 5610,2WD Diesel Tractor
    Ford 5610 2WD Tractor Year: 1990 Fuel: Diesel Horse power: 72 HP Colour: Blue Maximum speed: 40 km/h PTO speed: 540/1000 Cylinders: 4 Spool valves da 4 Good Body Condition
  • Ford 5635,2WD Diesel Tractor
    Ford 5635,2WD Diesel Tractor
    Attachment:Clean Overall Condition,Clean Interior Condition,Medium Tractor,Colour Blue,Clean Body Condition,65% Tyre Condition.
  • Ford 6600 4X2 Diesel Tractor
    Ford 6600 4X2 Diesel Tractor
    Ford 6600 2WD Diesel Tractor Condition: Used Horsepower: 75 Hp Year: 1998 Engine: Ford 4.2L 4-cyl Diesel Engine Steering: power Transmission: 8 Forward 2 Revers 2 Hydraulic Remotes 3 Point Hitch, PTO: 540/1000 ROPS Weight: 2483 kg Clean good tyres Extremely good condition.
  • Ford 6810 III,4WD Diesel 90Hp Tractor
    Ford 6810 III,4WD Diesel 90Hp Tractor
    Ford 6810 III 90 Hp Year: 2005 Engine 4.4L 4-cyl diesel Diesel Engine Turbo Powershift Transmission 16 Forward 8 Revers 2 Hydraulic Remotes 30Kph 3 Pt Hitch, 540/1000 PTO Cabin Clean good tyres Rear Tyres – 16.9 R34 70% Front Tyres – 14.9 R24 70%
  • Ford 7740 4WD Tractor
    Ford 7740 4WD Tractor
    Model: Ford 7740 SLE Year: 1994 Hours used:4583 Hrs Transmission: EconoShift Engine: Ford Speed: 16-speed premium Horse power: 86 HP Traction type: 4WD Cylinders: 4 Cyl Cabin: Regular PTO: 540/1000 Front loader make: No Attachment: Clean Overall Condition Clean Interior Condition Medium Tractor Color Blue Clean Body Condition 50% Tyre…
  • Ford 7740 SLE,4WD Diesel Tractor
    Ford 7740 SLE,4WD Diesel Tractor
    Attachment:Clean Overall Condition, Clean Interior Condition,Medium Tractor, Colour Blue, Clean Body Condition 50% Tyre Condition.
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